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Friday, December 27, 2013

Readings list three

Week Ten

10.a  Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities Chapter 8. Lighter, Greener, Cheaper, Smarter Infrastructure.

10.b   Agriculture on the Edge. Discussion Paper. Condon P. and Mullnix, K. 2009. 


Week 11

11. a   Amble Greene, District of Surrey, BC. Alternative Stormwater Management Systems. 2000   http://www.jtc.sala.ubc.ca/bulletins/TB_issue_04_Ambleside_edit.pdf

11.b.   Shallow Stormwater Infiltration Devices vs. Injection Well Systems: A Comparison of Groundwater Contamination Potential. Condon P. Jackson A. Condon, P. and Gonyea, A. 2006  http://www.jtc.sala.ubc.ca/bulletins/stormwater%20bulletin%2013%20final.pdf

11.c.   The impact of urban patterns on aquatic ecosystems: An empirical analysis in Puget lowland sub-basins. Alberti et. al. 2006.
(note, this is a classic article, although long and technical. We dont expect you to retain the technical information from this article, only to gain a general sense of the relationship between urban pattern and hydrological performance)

Week 12 - 14 No additional readings!
Lab time to be used for assignment 4.

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